What I've Learned in the Woods

I've always found peace in the woods.  To me, it is the best "church," a great way to recharge as well as a way to find peace during life's turmoil.   Finding a higher power while in nature is, well, just natural!

When I first got sober, quite a few "24 hours" ago, I spent HOURS and HOURS in the woods on my bike or horse.   When riding my mountain bike at different state parks and trailheads, I realized that I can NOT pick a favorite.  Just like in life, much of it depends on what else is going on.  When a really challenging day is closed out with a successful ride on challenging terrain, it fills me up with a sense of accomplishment and courage to take on more.  

When finding myself on a new trail with nice swooping singletrack, no rocks or roots, becoming one with the bike brings me total peace and a smile that will not leave my face.  

Just like riding fast on a new trail, picking the "right line" quickly and committing, is also applied to choices in life.  The first ride I did at a local favorite trailhead was a bloody mess for me.  I was afraid to go back and let fear keep me from some of the best trails around.  With proper preparation and training, support from others, that trail is quickly becoming a "go to" place for me to ride, run and just enjoy. 

So many lessons have been learned in the woods, so many challenges accomplished, friends made and fun had that I can't wait to help share it with others just as it's been shared with me.  Pass It On!

By Stumped