Keeping It Real

My name is Cheap Horse because my mountain bikes can be described as inexpensive, ancient, made from other bikes or all of the above. I’ve been working far more than I want to lately. Missing the parts of my life that make me, me, including Sunday's BTC ride. I’ve been keeping it real at work this past week. After work I head home and I can’t relax, can’t do chores, can’t even sit down, I am not in a good place. I decide to soothe myself by going for a ride. My cheap steed creaks and squeaks as I make the first climb, an orchestra of used parts. Its chain more like rope, its gears like granddad's old saw blade, shifting this bike requires a lot of finesse and a careful pedal stroke. Focus on the positive, body leaning where it needs to, my bike following its line, all of my extremities participating in shifting, it’s all automatic. After a few hours my head reboots.

Out of water, no light, it’s getting dark, I have no idea where I am in this huge forest, I laugh at myself. Leaning Junky on a tree I sit on a rock, reflect on my thoughts, watching the daylight fade away, waiting. I am very calm now. I resolve to keep it real, the right kind of real. I find gratitude in that in only three months my current work detail will change into a very secure long term job with no Sundays. Suddenly I hear what I’ve been waiting for. In a flash Junky and I are tearing off the trail in a straight line through the brush, briars and all, my adrenaline pumping, my thoughts now at rest, I’m truly thrilled. I thank God for loud motorcycles as I make a beeline for a road. Not much sleep and good and sore from my ride, I roll into work early the next day. I get surprised looks. Working 6 days in a row, lots of hours and the busiest day of the week and I am as cool as a cucumber. Later two coworkers come away from the walls and confront me, “what kind of drugs are you on? Wow.” I say “I don’t do drugs, I mountain bike."

By Cheap Horse