Breaking The Cycle's first Blog! What Mountain Biking Means To Me

Welcome to the BTC Blog! We have an exciting series of topics we will cover leading up to our second season with the Teens starting May 2016, to get everyone jazzed up! We will continue during the season, giving you a chance to learn the different perspectives and stories of those involved.

I volunteered to start the first Blog post, on What Mountain Biking Means To Me!

Sometimes we all just need to get away: from people, things, thoughts, negativity, or we...just...need... space. Or we need something spicy and exciting in our daily lives. Or we need an outlet for our energy, or to do something positive RIGHT NOW!

People who know me well say to me sometimes "you'll be fine once you get on the bike". And I know it's true. Wind in my hair, pedals turning, smile on my face, I'm in a good place! It all melts away instantly, at that point I am able to see the beauty around me, despite whatever is happening in my life. It's like magic! No, it actually is magic. 

Sometimes the trick is to just keep turning the pedals. Sometimes recovery from alcohol and substance abuse is about putting one foot in front of the other, trusting in your destination when you can't see it. So you just keep turning the pedals, even when you don't think you can anymore. Before you know it, you come around a corner and realize you did it and are absolutely stunned by the natural beauty in front of you. You suddenly realize you are laughing and grinning like a small child again, like you did before you were caught in the deadly undertow that is addiction.