Yogi on What Mountain Biking Means to Me

The Climb is steep and crisscrossed with roots. The trail is littered with rocks of various sizes and some of them are loose. You could walk up it without any problem in a minute or two, but on a mountain bike it’s a very different story. I’ve ridden on this trail many times over the years and always had to push my bike up the last few yards of the pitch. It’s not for lack of trying mind you, in fact sometimes multiple tries in a day.

I’ve seen a few guys ride all the way up this particular hill and I’m thrilled when it happens. I’m genuinely proud and happy at their achievement, and I’m encouraged that it’s do-able and that perhaps someday I’ll get over the obstacle myself.

This is what mountain biking is for me. It’s about camaraderie and it’s about attempting to overcome the obstacles. It’s a blast and whether or not I succeed seems less important than my whole-hearted trying. When mountain biking in New England, the trails are jam packed with these types of challenges. As time goes by I’ve managed to ride over a good many of them. It always feels really good and it’s fun to share these little triumphs with friends.