How about that shadow, Groundhog?!?


39 degrees and rain.  Ich.  It almost makes me miss when it was 0 degrees outside and there was a foot of snow on the ground only a matter of weeks ago.  At least I could bundle up and get outside.  But this weather is just miserable.  It inspires Netflix binging and couch surfing, with a side of junk food and lethargy.  But instead of riding the couch all day, I joined the other Breaking The Cycle ride leaders at HIghlander’s house for our 2018 planning meeting.  Often the BTC meetings include a pre- ride, but yesterday the decision was made to forgo the riding in the interest of saving the soggy trails.   According to some Sciophobiac (fear of shadows) Rodent, Spring is still 6 weeks away, which seems like  an eternity, but there is plenty to do and the time will surely pass by.  So, with the inaugural ride of Breaking the Cycle’s 4th season a few month away, a meeting of the minds was in order to make sure 2018 is the best year for BTC yet. What we may be lacking in mind power, we always more than make up for with spirit.  I’m sure i’m not the only one that left the meeting in better spirits than when I arrived.  

In addition to the spiritual nourishment provided by the fellowship of the experienced crew, there are new faces this year,  including a former Teen rider turned ride leader, which is just about the most exciting thing we have going on so far!   Speaking of ride leaders, we are looking for mountain bikers in recovery to help out with this years trail rides.  If you or someone you know has a year or more  sobriety under their belt and would like to ride along with us as we introduce teens in recovery to the power of mountain biking, please reach out to  We’re also looking for teens who would like to participate so if you know someone who would benefit please contact us also.  In the meantime, we’ll be out there riding and staying sober, and although the official BTC rides won’t start until Spring is underway, and regardless of what that friggin groundhog said, every ride is still a gift, and we’ll be taking in every one we can until then.  And, just for the record, Crash did get a ride in the morning before the meeting so helmets off to him.